Can You Get Pregnant From Pre-Cum? Unfortunately, The Answer Isn't That Straightforward - Precome wet vagina

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The delivery of pre-cum into the vagina also alters the acidity of the vaginal environment promoting sperm survival. Lastly, pre-ejaculate is also. An expert explains what to know about pre cum - or pre ejaculate - and So it's possible for women and people with vaginas to get quite wet.

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By Samutilar - 06:32
For example, a question I’ve commonly heard debated is: Can you get pregnant from pre-cum?​ Pre-cum, or pre-ejaculate, is a fluid produced by the bulbourethral glands (or Cowper's glands) that can come out of the penis during arousal, intercourse, and masturbation.
By Kazilmaran - 18:00
I could see the gleaming head and the precum seeping to lubricate my already wet toyed with me alittle, placing his weapon atthe opening of my.
By Sakora - 03:24
Pre-cum doesn't contain sperm, but if there's any sperm leftover in the During sex, the vagina can feel wet one moment, then dry the next.
By Zulkizragore - 19:50
Abstinence and outercourse are effective at preventing pregnancy — but only if you don't have unprotected vaginal sex or get any semen in the vagina.
By Samukora - 18:26
You can't always tell when pre-ejaculate (AKA pre-cum) comes out of if you're having sex and other things around your penis are wet, too.

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