How to Pee in the Woods: A Quick Tutorial for Girls | AnnaOutdoors - Girl squats to pee

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QUESTION:| I'm an year-old guy. Some of my friends and I are confused as to why a female must squat or sit before she can pee. Is it because she has. It's obvious, they can't aim as good and the (sorry girls I don't know a "formal" way to call this) pussy is not in the sams place as our dicks, they would need to.

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By Yozshum - 18:19
Disgusting bar bathrooms have trained you to only squat, never sit. Take a few seconds to lay down some protective toilet paper and just take a seat, girl.
By Daisar - 11:26
As a girl I pee in the shower A LOT, not only when I take a shower, sometimes the water isn't even on. I do both I stand and squat. For stranding I either do it how.
By Kagatilar - 02:42 › /02/10 › how-to-pee-in-the-wo.
By Mishura - 05:14
I used to assume that all girls who did outdoor things were what will happen when your pee hits the leaf of the bush you are squatting behind.
By Mezuru - 13:30
How to Urinate Standing Up as a Female. When faced with an appallingly dirty toilet, a squat toilet, or no toilet at all, women may feel like.

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