Pros and cons of shaving the penis and balls? | Yahoo Answers - Pros and cons of shaved testicles

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The risk is enhanced when men consider shaving their nether regions with nothing more than a standard double-edge safety razor.​ Trimming and wet shaving your groin with the help of a good safety razor, certainly has at least a few hygienic and other benefits.​ Having trimmed pubic. Umm Pros: my girlfriend likes it, and honestly, so do I. There are no "cons". I shave them once a week and it's nothing to do it. It's one of those things that.

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By Fell - 08:11 › madison-moore › /08 › the-pros-and-con.
By Akinogore - 07:46
A lot of guys shave their balls which seems very scary. No fun, cute little adorable designs! Also: no happy trail. Like when you're on the subway.
By Tojak - 12:46 to fondle your testicles; If you ejaculate over yourself (eg: whilst masturbating).
By Nell - 14:14 › funny › men-s-garden-advantages-and-disadvantages-.
By Goltilrajas - 01:41
First, you must put a lot of shaving foam or gel on it and use your razor to shave the mustaches above and beard on your testicles. Then you must put some.

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