Goldfish Sick Or Not | How To Diagnose, Cure and Prevent - Goldfish just laying on the bottom inactive

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4 possible reasons for your goldfish laying on the bottom of the tank and being stressed. If your fish is generally vibrant and healthy he may just be sleeping. My goldfish keep gathering in the bottom corner of my fish tank. Sleeping is the only healthy circumstance for goldfish to hang out on the.

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By Tygogor - 06:52
Sleeping is the only healthy circumstance for goldfish to hang out on the bottom of a bowl. When goldfish sleep, they simply hang somewhere, without moving.
By Nimi - 12:07
I have an 8 inch comet goldfish in a 20g who I'll be moving to a bigger Made a mistake just read goldfish don't lay on the bottom of the tank:/.
By Daigul - 04:02 › › Newbies Section › All Questions from Newbies.
By Zulkiktilar - 17:09
My black moor, which had otherwise been healthy over the last 3 years, just started sitting on the bottom of the tank about 2 months ago.
By Vijin - 05:24
I am concerned for my goldfish, they look sick and I don't know and today they all seem inactive, not really swimming, just staying in the middle or the top of the tank. The red cap is closer to the bottom and head turning downwards . My black moor goldfish is lying on the bottom of the tank and has a.

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