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You might be holding your breath as you ramp up to orgasm, but breathing deeply can result in an even stronger climax, experts say. I can't have an orgasm without holding my breath is there any way to change I don't want him to think it's his fault that I can't cum because he tries really hard.

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By Taushakar - 17:53 › sex-and-breathlessness › suggestions.
By Tara - 18:47
Just like any other physical activity, sex can make you get out of breath. The energy you use during orgasm is similar to the energy needed to climb stairs or.
By Vudogore - 06:27
Your breath is an essential aspect of your orgasm. As discussed in my pelvic floor essay, your muscles tense up around your sexual climax and.
By Tern - 05:54
The reason people hold their breath as they approach orgasm is because their thoracic diaphragm is clenching rhythmically along with their abdominal, buttock,​.
By Akinozuru - 20:51
Here are a few explanations for men who can't orgasm: If you hold your breath, you're probably going to miss the big finish. Or not be able to.

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